What Our Patients Say About Stem Cell Therapy


Type II Diabetes

I have Type II Diabetes and I underwent the stem cell treatment. I have improved a lot, and I feel completely different!

One month after my treatment, I was able to reduce the quantity of medications I was taking from four to two. I no longer feel dizzy, I am more energetic, and don’t suffer from fatigue like I used to.

For those people who say, "This is what I've got and I have to live this way and take pills everyday" I say,"no, no." There is an option, and I’m a spokesman of that alternative!

The Stem Cell Centers sent me valuable information including medical studies and useful documentation regarding the treatment. I knew that there was hope.

Many people think that this treatment is complicated. In fact, the complicated thing is the science behind the treatment. Some people ask me if it hurts. Not at all.The surgery is outpatient and they use local anesthesia, whereby they extract three ounces of fat from the stomach and a little blood, as if it were a blood test. The general process lasts about two and a half hours.

Many people come in with arthritis, problems in the knees, autism, and lung issues. This new scientific discovery is amazing! I am thankful for this treatment. I recommend it to any person before getting surgery which is generally invasive, annoying, and requires postoperative care. I highly recommend that they consult with a physician at the Stem Cell Centers and research this new advancement in science!

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Osteoarthritis (knee)

I had knee pain for 5 years, and I even tried hip operations. The pain was still so severe when I tried to walk or bend my knees. After stem cell treatments, I can now walk many blocks pain free! I can also bend my knees without pain, and have increased flexibility! This treatment is amazing!


Osteoarthritis (knee)

I had been living with knee pain for a very long time. I tried many types of treatment to ease the pain, including operations on my legs and an arthroscopy. However, I didn’t feel the slightest bit better. I then decided to move on and try another treatment. This is when I found the stem cell centers. The treatment was not even painful. Recovery was really fast, and the next day I was even back to work.

Before the stem cell treatment, I suffered from pain and inflammation for several days just by wearing high heeIs. Those days are over. My knees recovered their original size and shape. Now, I have a range of motion that I didn’t have before. I have told everybody suffering from knee pain, elbow pain or any other type of illness that I know that stem cell treatments could help. I have told them that they do not need to feel desperate. Yes, I feel happy and I am very thankful. I will never get tired of thanking the Stem Cell Centers for having given me the opportunity to change my life, improve it, expand my range of motion, and eliminate the pain. I’m truly thankful.
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Sports Injury

After two months of receiving stem cell treatments, I returned to the running track and won a race in Chile. Participating in the high jump, 100-meter hurdles and other events in this race placed a great deal of strain on my back. Trust in the Stem Cell Centers!


Facial Rejuvenation

Stem cell treatment caught my attention because it is a non-invasive procedure whereby the doctor takes the stem cells from your own blood and body fat.

I recommend this treatment to people who are looking for a natural option that can help make their skin look younger! My wrinkles, face spots, and expression lines have disappeared!

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