Stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, has become a very exciting and promising field in treating a variety of conditions. The research was initially based on embryonic stem cells, which was mired in controversy.

In our clinics, we use adult stem cells derived from patients’ own adipose tissue, bone marrow, or peripheral blood. As a self repair mechanism, living organisms have stem cells that are attracted to the sites of injury. Chronic injury, combined with aging, could exhaust our stem cells' reparative capacity and diminish the number of available stem cells.

The purpose of transplanting a large number of cells intravenously is to allow them to be attracted to the sites of injury and disease. Stem cells are magnificent, in the sense that they are undifferentiated cells that have the capability to differentiate into any kind of cells required by the body. This includes neurons, joint cartilage, heart muscle, and much more.


Procedure for Harvesting and Infusion

This is an outpatient procedure under local anesthetic, whereby our physicians harvest stem cells from the patients’ own adipose tissue or bone marrow. The procedure takes about 30-40 minutes and the quantity required depends on the condition treated (between 60 c.c and 200 c.c)

The next steps of centrifuge, enrichment, and activation of the stem cells are done in our own lab and onsite using state of the art technology.

The final step is transfusion of the activated stem cells in the patients’ own body by intravenous infusion or directly in the areas required (e.g., the joints).

The process of autologous stem cells therapy from the patient’s own body prevents any rejection, and is not a controversial procedure. These cells are collected from the most abundant source (adipose tissue from the abdomen) and activated to ensure survival. These stem cells have the ability to REPLENISH, REPAIR, and REGENERATE any tissue of the body; thus, the potential is exponential.

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