Renaissance in Medicine (Part 2 of 5)

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By Megan McKenzie

Renaissance means rebirth or regeneration. Every few generations, medicine takes a major turn. We’re at one of those junctures now with regenerative medicine — where healing is triggered from within the human body. It’s bringing a whole new universe to how physicians provide care.

Scanning electron microscopy of an induced pluripotent stem celL  Renaissance in Medicine (Part 2 of 5) 1x1

Scanning electron microscopy of an induced pluripotent stem cell

A Shift in Focus

According to the World Health Organization, by 2020, degenerative diseases – in particular cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular and respiratory conditions – will collectively cause more than 70 percent of all deaths in the world.

The damage inflicted by chronic conditions is usually there to stay, like heart muscle scarred after a heart attack, insulin-producing beta cells destroyed by diabetes, or a spinal cord severed in an auto accident. Symptoms can be managed, some better than others, but the underlying issues remain unhealed.

Regenerative medicine is the reverse of degenerative disease. It’s the science of boosting healing in missing or damaged tissues.

Globally, progress is steadily being made treating diseases like autoimmune disorders, cancers, cardiovascular conditions, metabolic diseases, musculoskeletal conditions, ocular diseases and more, using regenerative approaches. For example, a stem cell therapy to treat Parkinson’s disease is entering clinical trials in Australia, and a procedure to regenerate the eye has successfully treated children with cataracts in China.

Mayo Clinic is practicing regenerative medicine across its health system (in hospitals and healthcare facilities in over 70 communities), and has begun more than 40 regenerative-relevant clinical trials.

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