Our Stem Cell Centers, affiliated with Global Stem Cells Group of Miami, Florida, have been in the forefront of regenerative medicine and cellular therapies for several years. We are a unique network of highly skilled physicians who have used innovative therapy and advanced medical techniques to help treat chronic conditions.

Stem Cell Center is the largest membership network of regenerative medicine clinics in the world, providing leading edge care, modern technology, and incorporating the latest advancements in cellular therapies to patients worldwide.

Our centers consists of a rapidly expanding network of physicians with clinics located worldwide including the United States, South America, Korea, the Caribbean, Japan, South America, and now opening in India. Our group of highly qualified specialists have treated thousands of patients internationally, including the United States, with high rates of success.

What Do We Do?

At our Stem Cell Centers, our patients receive autologous cellular therapies in accredited and fully licensed facilities in the US and abroad.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring innovative stem cell therapy to the forefront of medicine and to enhance the quality of life for our patients’ around the world. We provide hope for patients with safe treatments that require minimal interventions when traditional therapies are not available.

What Do We Do?

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