Adult Stem Cells: Establishing the Fourth Arm of Medical Treatments

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Adult stem cells


What are Adult Stem Cells?

Adult Stem cells and embryonic stem cells are the two types of stem cells. These stem cells are building blocks of life and are essential to every single organism. These cells have the ability to self-renew and replicate to form any type of tissue in the body. Modern medicine and latest advancements in technology have allowed our physicians to use our own body’s stem cells to REPLENISH, REPAIR, and REGENERATE diseased cells. Adult stem cells are undifferentiated and multi-potent cells that have the capability to replenish damaged or injured cells. Thus, these aide in the improvement of many types of conditions including: Auto immune disorders, Neurological, Cardio, Pulmonary conditions, Muscular Skeletal and Metabolic disorders. In addition to chronic conditions, Adult Stem cells have also been widely used for aesthetic purposes. These include, treating hair loss and wrinkles. In our adult stem cell therapy clinic, we only use adult stem cells derived from a patients’ own adipose tissue, bone marrow, or peripheral blood.

Properties of adult stem cells used for Stem Cell Therapy:

The basic properties of a stem cell are that:

  1. It can self-renew – Adult stem cells have the ability to go through a number of cell division cycles. While they divide, they still maintain the undifferentiated state.
  2. Multi-potent – Stem cells have the ability to generate themselves into several different cell types.

About Adult Stem Cell Therapy:

Using the capability to multiply by cell division and replenish cells that are either dying or damaged, Stem Cell Therapy maintains and repairs tissues of the organs where they are located. A clinical review of the journal of American Medical Association (Clinical Applications of Blood-Derived and Marrow-Derived Stem Cells for Nonmalignant Diseases – Richard K. Burt, MD; Yvonne Loh, MD; William Pearce, MD; et al) says that “Autologous HSCT, while probably not a ‘cure,’ appears to be a potentially useful clinical approach available to ameliorate autoimmune disease activity.” Dr. Richard Burt, has stated while talking to a leading health portal that, “Traditional medicine is about three approaches — drugs, surgery, and radiotherapy. Stem cell therapy represents a fourth arm of treatment that in some cases will be combined with other treatments and in other cases will stand alone. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg right now.”

In 2012, at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, Dr. Robert Bolli, of the University of Louisville and Dr. Piero Anversa, of Brigham and Women’s hospital Boston, had evaluated and presented their data on the same as well. The data showed that after two years, all those who were receiving the stem cell therapy showed improvement in their heart functions. They also further stated that there were no adverse effects.

Advantages of Stem Cell therapy:

One of the biggest advantages of Adult Stem cell therapy is that it is safe and highly effective while posing minimal risk for the patients. For the Stem Cell Therapy, the adult stem cells are harvested from the adipose tissue, blood or bone marrow of the patient. Thus, there are no risks of the body rejecting the cells. In fact, stem cell therapy gives patients a  new hope when treatment through conventional means is limited. Since it is a Regenerative Therapy, it allows the body to replace damaged cells on its own. Moreover, it’s not an artificial fix, rather a permanent solution.

Final word:

There are certain myths related to Stem Cells including the idea that stem cells come from embryos only. This is not the case. There are two types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells (ES) and adult stem cells. For stem cell therapy at our stem cell therapy clinics, we only use adult stem cells.

Another popular concern of the patients with stem cell therapy is that they feel that the body can reject the stem cells. However, this is not the case. These stem cells are autologous and are derived from patient’s own body. Thus, there are no safety issues and the risk of rejection is eliminated.

India has been on top when it comes to the development and research of Stem Cell therapy but due to lack of awareness, people don’t know how this therapy can help treat incurable diseases. Autism, Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis,s etc. are just a few conditions that can be improved upon by the use of stem cell therapy.

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